Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tiny Tot Time

Tot School

Isaiah is currently 22.5 months


We use the Ikea Trofast system for both Olivia and Isaiah. It works so great because for Tot School we can just use the shelves, and then going into Kid School, we substitute the drawers and have a perfect set of workboxes.

*Disclaimer: The following pictures represent moments in a little bit of a rough week. Both kids were sick, Isaiah being the sicker of the two. Don’t let these pictures lead you to believe what isn’t true…I should have gotten pictures of grumpy Isaiah too, but when he was grumpy I was holding him in my lap with one hand and working with Olivia with the other…


Isaiah gets to choose what he wants to play with off of these shelves. Some of the shelves got played with multiple times (the stacking blocks and shape sorter), while some of the shelves were not even touched (the “N” shelf and cutting fruit).

On top of the shelf:

  • LeapFrog Tag Reader Junior with Sesame Street Alphabet book
  • LeapFrog scribble and write. In the past weeks he has chosen this a lot, but he didn’t very much this week so I’ll be rotating it out of his options.
  • Manhattan Toys See and Put Birdhouse
  • Melissa & Doug Pet Sounds Puzzle

First shelf:

  • Melissa & Doug See and Spell
  • Various “N” items

Bottom shelf:

  • Melissa & Doug Shape Sorter
  • Various Cutting Fruits including Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit and Kidoozi Garden Fresh Fruits & Veggies
  • Melissa & Doug Stacking Blocks

IMG_3902 IMG_3908IMG_4162IMG_4164IMG_4171IMG_4178IMG_4173    


While JP is deployed, we are living with my parents, so we do school in Olivia’s room. Which actually works out just fine. It’s a nice big room that has her queen bed, an upright piano, the school table, and both kids’ shelves. And the bed provides a comfy & snuggly place for reading too!


“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle has been a favorite of Isaiah’s for over 6 months now.


Table Work

Isaiah didn’t really want to spend much time sitting at the table with us (probably because I kept wiping his running nose). But the little time he did he produced these two Dot Paint Masterpieces. I downloaded them from 1+1+1=1 Blog here.


Isaiah’s Picks

These are toys and activities Isaiah found to play with on his own.


Shape sorting wooden blocks by Imaginarium.


He’s been pushing this stroller and a shopping cart around a lot lately.


     Running on the bed (if he wasn’t so cute, I definitely wouldn’t post pictures of our unmade beds). I don’t normally let him run on the bed…but, this was a result of some sick/grumpy moments when I needed to focus on Olivia, and he was only happy doing this.


His beloved Montessori Cylinder Block was right by his side most of the week.


Counting the cylinders with his feet. This silly boy cracks me up every day!

Tech Time

Isaiah loves the iPad!!! We all love the iPad!


Getting in a little exercise while playing his Eric Carl Very Hungry Caterpillar Ap.


This week Isaiah got more iPad time in than usual because he wasn’t feeling well. It’s one of the things he likes to do even when he’s sick.



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